Culinary Design Associates, a full-service catering company that boasts chef Glenn Pitt at the helm, delivers catering services to expansive mansions and other venues in the Philadelphia area. Guests who attend a wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday party, or other event catered by Culinary Design Associates will enjoy a thoughtful menu package including hors d’oeuvres, entrées, salads, breads, side dishes, and desserts. In addition to delicious cuisine, Culinary Design Associates provides linens and glassware, tasteful displays, champagne toasts, and a cake-cutting service. Glenn Pitt of Culinary Design Associates offers a sensible approach to fine cuisine that he calls “motivational gastronomy.” After losing 90 pounds through “heart healthy” eating rather than dieting, Glenn Pitt decided to establish Culinary Design Associates. Over 25 years later, Culinary Design Associates continues to thrive, providing gourmet catering options that are also wholesome. Delicate chicken dishes, filet mignon, and stuffed flounder are just a few of the simple yet delicious menu items Culinary Design Associates offers. Fresh fruit, grilled vegetables, wild rice, and whole grain breads complete the picture of a wholesome meal that all guests will enjoy. For dessert, clients can choose from over 12 different cakes, cannoli, fruit cobblers, chocolate covered strawberries, and truffles. Culinary Design Associates recently announced an exclusive new dessert item: the espresso bean chocolate chip cookie is a unique cookie that a California company plans to market under its own name. Culinary Design Associates’ new creation will soon be available in coffeehouses and gourmet markets, as well as the catering company’s dessert menu. To learn more about Culinary Design Associates catering and event planning, visit the website at culinarydesignassociates.com.

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