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Tips from Culinary Design Associates on Engaging All the Senses Through Food

by Culinary Design Associates

With a little creativity, food can stimulate all the senses, but one sense should never overpower another. Seek balance in the culinary endeavors and the outcome will be not only delicious but beautiful as well.

2. Consider color when cooking. Vegetables are a great way to liven up any dish. Items such as red, yellow, or orange peppers, in addition to beets, radishes, carrots or bright garnish can really enhance the look of a dish. Just be sure the flavors contribute well to the overall menu.

3. Aroma can be one of the most enjoyable parts of culinary satisfaction. Herbs, spices, and small touches are perfect for this purpose, especially fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, or oregano.

4. If incorporating highly aromatic spices into the dish(s) is not possible, utilize a centerpiece of lemons, crushed cloves, or a lightly scented floral arrangement to arouse the sense of smell. Stay away from highly perfumed bouquets, incense, or scented candles as this will likely overpower the meal.

5. Consider texture as an important component. A combination of smooth, firm, crisp, and soft should all be present throughout the meal.

6. Take into account shapes and sizes as well. Combinations of chopped, shredded, heaping, flat, round, and square can all create an interesting and attractive plate of food.

7. Preparation style throughout the meal can also contribute to variation, such as steamed, baked, grilled, and chilled.

8. Also, contrast the temperatures of the dishes. Hot and cold options are essential, and the cook should create a variety within these categories, such as a chilled soup followed by hot poultry dish, and completed with a cold ice cream dessert.

9. Have fun! Cooking is not only enjoyable for those at the receiving end, but also for the individual(s) in the kitchen. Bon appetite!

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